The Petropolist

Holistic dietary guidance for pet parents

At Petropolist Pet Nutrition Center, we provide dietary and nutritional guidance to keep cats and dogs healthy and living their best lives.

Our holistic approach starts with individualized, species-appropriate diets while connecting the dots to additional factors, like exercise, grooming, environment, and emotional well-being.

Whether you’ve tried everything to cure a sick pet without great success or you want to learn what foods will best support their health and longevity, we will help you be the best pet parent you can be.

Our Dedication To Pet Health

At Petropolist, our holistic approach to cat and dog health encompasses a full scope of wellness markers, starting with a healthy diet.

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Nutritional Counseling Appointments

Full review & assessment of your pet's current diet

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Nutritional Counseling Appointments

Full review & assessment of your pet's current diet


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Pet Business & Resource

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Robin Harrigan

First I would like to say what a wonderful, great, and eye opening experience it was working with Tazz on my dog Ballou’s nutrition. Not only is she so knowledgeable

Molly Schminke

Tazz changed my life in 24 hours! I adopted a very sick cat with horrific food allergies and after 10 months of trying to figure out what she could eat, becoming quite overwhelmed

Derek M., Baby, Quincy, Mabel

Tazz has consistently earned my trust and faith many times over through the years.  She’s my go to on the health of my furry kids because she aims high and

I teach pet owners how to use nutrition to keep their pets healthy and living a long and comfortable life.