If you are having a problem with your cat's bathroom habits  -Start by listening to episode #60 of The Petropolist podcast with my guest, cat behaviorist, and retainment specialist Dr. Rachel Geller.

- It is often the pet owner's fault that the cat is having difficulties with using the litter box - Yup...

  • Are you feeding a dry food diet? if your answer is yes - this may be a reason your kitty is having litter box issues.
  • Are you keeping the litter box clean DAILY? 
  • has there been a change in the home (new relationship, death, birth, divorce, illness, new pet...)
  • TAKE your cat to the vet and MAKE sure they run a urinalysis AND a urine culture!
  • Is your cat in pain - Joint pain is one of the reasons cats have difficulty using the litter.
  • Is the litter box large enough?
  • Listen to this episode of The Petropolist Podcast to learn!!