Greg Tilford founder of Animal Essentials is an author,  lecturer, and teacher in the field of veterinary botanical medicine.  

65 million pet owners used some sort of natural therapies to treat their pets – this # is from statistics gathered in 2006 – wow, 14 years ago. Today, with social media, celebrity pets, celebrity pet foods, celebrity pet health bloggers, documentaries about pet foods, and the most outspoken celebrities in the pet sector, yes, those celebrity holistic vets this number has probably skyrocketed by now.   

So do we actually understand what natural means? Or what a holistic approach to health and wellness stands for?  

This episode truly captures the facts about all of this.  

As an author, teacher, and entrepreneur Greg Tilford, has been in the world of natural health and wellness way before social media and certainly before everybody and their mother became an expert and a celebrity something or other. His knowledge is rooted in the application of using the earth's natural resources to heal. Greg’s insightful wisdom of the fundamentals of health and wellness will guide you to get on the right path for both you and your pets.  

Listen to Greg Tilford And Tazz Here