Episode #36 is about teaching your kids about cats and we will also be covering 2 types of aggression in cats - Aggression can be brought on by a variety of factors such as illness (urinary tract infections, thyroid disorders, elevated blood sugars) or pain & discomfort.  In today's episode, we are discussing 2 specific types of aggression and those are petting/touch aggression (fits well with the kids and cat conversation) and play induced aggression.  If your cat becomes suddenly aggressive please take it seriously and seek the advice of your veterinarian immediately to rule out any physical problems and then reach out to Cat behaviorist Dr. Rachel Geller if you are unable to manage the situation.   

If you are a rescue organization, this is the perfect episode to share with all your new cat adopters, fosters, and potential wanna-be cat parents. 

If any of our listeners are having a behavioral problem with their cats please reach out to Dr. Rachel Geller, cat behaviorist,  who will provide you with free guidance on how to resolve the behavior problem so that you and your cat(s) live a happy and healthy life together. 


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