Almost any cat behavior problem can be handled if the pet owner is willing to understand the cats' needs.  In this episode, Dr. Rachel Geller Ed.D., Cat behavior counselor, and humane education specialist answers all my questions about kitty behavioral problems.  

Our discussion starts with the hated litter box and furniture scratching problems which are two of the main causes of animal abandonment  - many people actually open the door and just throw the cat out.  No animal deserves this and this episode arms you with all of the tools you need to understand and resolve problems that arise because cat owners just don't know where to go and how to handle these sticky situations.

 Let's face it, the internet and most pet retail stores are often not the best sources of accurate information especially when the pet owner is in a state of high-level frustration and is unsure how to even verbalize the various aspects of the problems that are occurring. 

This episode walks you through the litter box and furniture scratching issues, cat on cat aggression, use of catnip, separation anxiety, and stress. Why laser toys are TERRIBLE and why the fishing pole toys are amazing.  

Guess what, your cats are affected by the loss of predictability - you can relate, can't you?  Isn't this something you experienced and perhaps became anxious from when Covid19 first hit home?  For our cats it is real and it's often caused by stressors we do not even realize are stressors.  Listen and learn  - Dr. Geller is a wealth of information for all cat lovers, new cat owners, and those considering adding a kitty to their lives.  

If you want to learn more or need help with your cat contact: Dr. Rachel Geller 

All proceeds from Dr. Geller's book are donated to animals. 

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Listen to my interview with Dr. Geller HERE