Maybe pet owners are looking for love in all the wrong places (as the song sings...) and that's why they're still single... 

This site is for EVERY pet owner - not dog only or cat only but ALL pets lovers, horses, fish, reptiles, birds, small furry ones, and of course the kitties and puppies.  

Charmr is a new all pet lovers singles dating app launched by Manish Methai shortly after Covid shut down the world in 2020.   Listen to this episode to find out the details of how Manish maneuvered & pivoted his plans to get his new company off the ground during these difficult times.   

Check out the Valentine's Eve Zoom party (February 14!!!)- Join the party to get a little education from pet industry specialists and a more important treat is the Millenial dating expert who will be there to help you guys cope and connect while you hang out with other pet-loving singles.  You never know, you may meet your future human soul mate.   

Want to learn more about the single pet lovers dating app? check out the Geek wire article.  

Listen to Episode #37 here