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EP#43 - Well Pet - Innovation & Pet Food W/Greg Kean Of Wellness Pet Food 

I am honored and grateful that Greg Kean, VP of Innovation and Product development at WELLPET  reached out to me with his perspective of how some mainstream brands, like Wellpet, focus on food safety, innovation, science, compliance and sustainability... he was speaking my language - I had focused more on the smaller brands as those brand owners are the folks that tend to be more willing to speak about the difficult subjects we touch on in this episode - I am not a fan of fluff and Greg's honesty and authenticity was a breath of fresh air as he allowed me to dig deep and push with a few tough questions.  There are so many nuggets of gold in this interview...   If you want to learn more about Greg Kean and the rest of the Wellpet family: *The views, information, or opinions expressed during The Petropolist podcast series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of the host or the employees of The Petropolist. The primary purpose of this podcast is to inform. This podcast does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. This podcast is available for private non-commercial use only. You may not edit, modify or re-distribute this podcast.*