EP# 44 - Moments away from being a Stray


You can be a moment away from becoming a stray... 

In July 2008, Feeding Pets of the Homeless, also known as Pets of the Homeless, received nonprofit status as a public charity. Feeding Pets of the Homeless provides various forms of assistance. Sometimes we simply offer an ear to listen to people’s experience of struggle in daily survival. Most frequently, we respond to requests for help: a) identifying where to find our sites that distribute pet food; b) funding and arranging to help an injured or ill pet; or c) sponsoring wellness clinics that provide a basic exam with vaccinations. Many times we are asked where to find a homeless shelter that will allow pets. From 2008 - 2020, Feeding Pets of the Homeless has paid more than $1,665,000 to provide veterinary emergency care and wellness clinic services to over 22,150 pets, and to purchase pet food and sleeping crates. The majority of distributed pet food is collected by our donation sites and volunteers then delivered to food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and sometimes to the streets where the homeless assemble. Our donation sites have provided over 1,459,00 pounds of pet food, which translates into one less worry for a homeless person on any given day and a happy pet. We provide pet sleeping crates to shelters so the homeless can bring their pets in with them and receive the necessary social services that will help support them out of homelessness. 

Monetary Gifts, Charitable Gifting through Trusts and Bequests, visit Ways to Give for other opportunities.  All gifts are greatly appreciated and allow us to pay veterinary expenses and other costs associated with all our programs. We do not receive government funding and rely fully on private donations. Make a pet food donation near you Volunteer to recruit sites Other ways that you can make a difference for pets that belong to homeless people and help us continue the mission. 

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