Listen Here: EP# 48 - Dogs I Meet with Mindy Dutka

The last year has been filled with days of twists and turns and pivots and falls - Every conversation I've had during most of 2020 and now 2021 was with folks that have had the honor of sharing their homes with pets - The conversations had been mainly about the sense of calm and hope these animals consistently provided even during the most confusing and disturbing moments.  In this episode I talk with Mindy Dutka about the animals and the people they are supporting during this historic year.   There has also been an influx of new pet ownership and the stories that go along with both of these scenarios is what Mindy Dutka used as inspiration to create Tales of Support -  If you are interested in sharing the story of how your pet helped you through the pandemic please reach out to Mindy Dutka at: or go to for more information. 

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