What is it?: ‘When your Child asks for a DOG....One-Eyed Leo guides the conversation’ is an e-book designed for parents to read to children. Age group is the 6 to 14-year old who request/demand to have a puppy or dog in the family home. This is the trigger for up to 80% of adoptions (the other 20% being elderly people living alone). More often than not the decision to adopt is spontaneous, ill-informed, with no plan, nor post adoption schedule. This book aims to reverse this trend. 

Who is selling it? 

Buy this book here: Book link: https://www.thedoginternet.com/ 

30% discount to my amazing Podcast listeners with Promo code: Tazz  

Learn more here: This article is about the economics of rescue shelters and puppy mills: The problem in numbers. While this article focuses on the Irish situation, the dynamics are similar or worse in most of the world. https://www.woofadvisor.com/blog/dog-welfare-in-ireland-the-pending-crisis/ 

  • At present the book is available in English, Spanish, Czech, and Dutch, French and Latin American Spanish.
  • From the beginning of December 2021 the book will be represented in Belgium, Holland and France by the Veterinary publishing company AnimalEd Solutions (https://animedsolutions.com/)
  • When Your Child Asks for A Dog is also in partnership in Spain with the animal welfare organisation Infomascota (https://infomascota.com/)

A few reviews:

Dr. Alyssun Grant, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD.
Certified Canine First Aid Responder, Canine Remedial Massage & Rehabilitation Practitioner.
“This book is excellent, it's detail may make families think twice, which is good for the poor dogs who may be taken into homes only to be cast aside after a year /2/3 or so. It's perfect for assisting people's research about the responsibilities, time and cost of owning a dog and will help to ensure only the most committed to the job will become dog owners - meaning lots of happier dogs in their forever homes. I love the colour prints, the drawings are lovely. “ 

Debra Vey Voda Hamilton, Hamilton Law and Mediation. Bestselling author. Esq./Mediator/Conflict Coach: “This book is, without a doubt, the best pre-puppy purchase you can give your child, grandchild, or friend. It should be required reading for everyone contemplating bringing a pet into their lives.” 

Rosy Romero, Radio Host, Author. Mexico City: “I love this colourful book. A beautiful love story. Everything you need to understand before and after you adopt a dog. This sets the standard for what dog care should be in every civilized country and in every home. The best way to prevent dogs from being abandoned.” 

Brigitte Barton, CAB, A.Dip.CBM, FISAP, MICB, MICAN. Executive Director, International Society of Animal Professionals:
“Every parent has faced the question of “can we have a dog” and this book will help to ensure that every family member knows their roles in welcoming a dog into the house and in looking after him to ensure a happy life together.” 

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