Science has shown that most of our immune system (and our pets) is found in the digestive tract.      

The digestive tract is also where much of the inflammatory reactions occur be it flatulence, nausea, vomiting, stomach aches...this happens when the body is trying to defend itself from what it perceives as a threat. This inflammatory reaction is the body's way of protecting and healing but our first reaction to this response is to suppress it by placing a big old band on it. It's hard to watch your pet lick their paws non stop or scratch their bodies into oblivion or have diarrhea every few days - it's hard to witness their discomfort and be stuck in a state of helplessness. Many veterinarians and doctors still have a rigid thought pattern when it comes to the distinction between allergies and intolerances which may lead us to take the wrong path when it comes to choosing what actions to take to help our pets heal.     

It's a bit of a tight rope for doctors  - we can't blame them for the missteps or the trials and errors.    

Want to know what simple step you can take to help and try to figure out the cause of your pet's discomfort?  Listen to Episode #9 of The Petropolist podcast    

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